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With ever increasing improvements in connectivity, it is now simple and effective for clients to have their hypnotherapy sessions with me at no extra cost, using the wonderful platform of Zoom.

Zoom is a cutting edge video conferencing software which is ideal for hypnotherapy sessions. Now time, distance, or mobility need no longer prevent you from connecting with a qualified and internationally recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist.

What do you need for online hypnotherapy sessions?

  1. A reliable internet and wi-fi connection.
  2. You can use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Please ensure your device is connected to power for the session. It also needs to be positioned where you can see and hear your therapist clearly and so that your therapist can see and hear you.
  3. Headphones are optional. Most people are happy to use the built in microphone and audio on your computer.
  4. All your other devices need to be switched off or placed out of the room so as not to distract you.
  5. A quiet comfortable room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. It is recommended you leave your pets outside the room.
  6. A comfortable chair which ideally can be reclined to relax back in and a support to slightly elevate your feet. Alternatively a sofa or a bed can work too.
  7. A pillow and a light blanket (optional), plus a glass of water.

How do online hypnotherapy sessions work?

Sessions over Zoom work the same way as if you were in my office having a face-to-face session.
However, the client and the therapist are in different locations. My clients are able to join their zoom session with just one or two touches on their device. Zoom works with most devices, but due to screen size, it’s preferable to use a laptop, a desktop or an ipad.

Unlike some forms of therapy, Solution focused hypnotherapy does not use touch with our clients, making it a perfect modality for distance clients. We only need to see and hear the client and vice versa, for the therapy to be effective.

Who are online hypnotherapy sessions useful for?

  • Distance no longer needs to be a barrier to receiving professional therapy. Many of my overseas clients have come via word of mouth from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand as well as various states within Australia.
  • People who are busy and time-poor can benefit from the convenience of having private sessions from their office or home to save on travel time.
  • Hypnotherapy sessions online are becoming more and more popular with young people with various issues who prefer to communicate using this technology.
  • Clients with mobility issues can also enjoy their hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

When I am travelling for conferences or events, my local face-to-face and overseas clients can still enjoy their sessions, as zoom works from virtually anywhere in the world.

I am Cindy from Singapore. I had a number sessions with Julie when she was here in Singapore. When she moved to Australia, she introduced me to having my therapy sessions through Zoom. I was skeptical about it initially, however after my first try, I was amazed! There was no difference at all from being face to face! I could communicate and have my sessions clearly with Julie. It is so convenient. The feeling after each session is always great and refreshing!

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy over Zoom is safe, natural and can be used to treat various issues alongside other medical therapeutic approaches you may be using.

At Hill Hypnotherapy we treat you with respect and in a non-judgmental way. There IS light at the end of the tunnel and you will ALWAYS be in control throughout the process. In fact our aim is to help you feel empowered, resilient and ready for your brighter future.

To find out more about online hypnotherapy or to have a complimentary phone chat, contact us at Hill Hypnotherapy and take the first step towards being your best self.

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