Anxiety can take many forms and it’s symptoms can start from a feeling of worry and stress with “knots” in the stomach, to panic attacks and all the way to a total inability to function in everyday life. Anxiety often co-exists with depression and vice-versa.

Put simply, anxiety is a mechanism built into human beings to protect us and help us to fight off danger, or flee from it. In neuroscience terms, this is called the Stress Response or it is sometimes called the Fight/Flight/Freeze response. When our mind senses some kind of danger or emergency situation, this response enables the body to produce the chemicals of stress to prepare and strengthen us to protect ourselves or run away from perceived danger.

When we are in this highly aroused state, for our protection, the digestive, immune and reproductive systems go on hold temporarily so all that energy can be directed toward responding to the threat. Normally, once the danger has passed, the body goes back into rest and digest mode and our systems should revert back to normal function.

However some people are in a constant state of stress and this stress response is only useful when we are actually in real danger. If we are not in real danger, then this response and the chemicals it produces in our bodies limits our rational perception of life. Medical science is also showing more and more how detrimental stress is to our long term health and well being.

Is Anxiety creeping up on you?

Unfortunately Stress can creep up on us gradually and really hinder
our ability to enjoy life and be our best selves.

Does Stress limit your life?

Sometimes a low mood or depression can hang over us like a cloud. We may find that we are unable to cope with situations and events in our lives which we used to cope with easily. It can cause us to feel overwhelmed.

If this sounds like you, you may have what we term a full or overflowing ‘stress bucket’, which is a metaphorical vessel in our brains, indicating that its time to relax and empty the bucket.

Hypnotherapy helps calm your mind. It relaxes you and helps you get into that part of the mind that sees things from a more logical and rational perspective.

Can’t get good sleep?

Do you feel exhausted and feel unable to get a proper rest? Sleep is so important to give our mind a rest and also to help us solve all our issues. Sometimes the mind wakes us up when there is just too much in our stress bucket and it is overflowing.

Sleeping patterns are one of the first things we address in solution focused hypnotherapy. It’s usually one of the easiest things to improve too.

As part of your therapy, you will receive a complimentary mp3 download which will greatly help your sleeping patterns as well as offering positive suggestions for your benefit.

Is Anxiety attacking you?

When we feel panic, or panic attacks, it is the brain’s last ditch attempt at getting you out of perceived danger.

This is great if we are in real danger, but if that’s not the case then it can be very debilitating, not to mention limiting.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based on neuroscience and gives you a better understanding of how the brain works, which helps you get back in control of your life for good.

Are you feeling under pressure?

Do you feel grumpy and irritable? Perhaps you are less tolerant of the little things in life that never used to bother you. You may anger easily.

If so, this suggests that your anxiety levels are too high and that its time to address things before they escalate.

Hypnotherapy helps to interrupt unhelpful thinking patterns, replacing them with new helpful ones.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is safe, natural and can be used to treat depression alongside other medical therapeutic approaches you may be using in your approach to healing.

At Hill Hypnotherapy we treat you with respect and in a non-judgmental way. We take things at your own pace and work with you in a collaborative process. We work together with you to diminish the anxiety, without focusing on your past traumas or relationships.

Together, we unpack what it is you want to achieve and find your best way of getting there. In fact it is our aim to help you feel empowered, resilient and ready for your brighter future.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel and you will ALWAYS be in control throughout the process.

It can be scary to take that first step to reach out for help, but once you do, I believe you’ll be glad you did!

If you feel that anxiety and stress have taken over your life,
contact us at Hill Hypnotherapy and let us help you take back control.

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